USPS Real Time Shipping rates have now been installed on our system. If you are planning to make a very large purchase please contact us first we will make sure you get an accurate shipping cost and maybe even a lower shipping cost the USPS shipping calculator here may fail to give you an accurate shipping cost.

​Sometimes the USPS may miscalculate shipping rates to certain areas if you think your shipping rates are too high don't complete your purchase contact us through the contact form and let us know about the problem so we can get a correct rate for you. With USPS Real Time Shipping shipping can now be provided to more countries here is a list of the foreign countries we now ship to: foreign countries list

Products that are shipped to USA addresses include insurance and usually are shipped within 24 hours of your purchase on businesses days. Products shipped by USPS Priority Mail International are insured up to $200, If you want more insurance please inform us from the Contact Form and we can set up that extra fee for that insurance.

Packages we ship to you are insured, protected against loss or damage, as long as they are delivered to the address you used in filling out your shipping address in your original ordered with us. If you or someone else has the shipment we sent to your original shipping address you gave us diverted to a different address we take no responsibility as to what may happen to your shipment.

When you purchase your product you will receive a tracking number in less than 24 hours and the item will start tracking within about 24 hours on business days. If the item doesn't start tracking within 24 to 48 hours on business days it's most likely still on it's way occasionally USPS fails to scan the package going out or they scan it in very late.  So if you don't see your tracking there's nothing to worry about the tracking will show up.

During holidays or in case of sever weather your shipment may be delayed. Right now we only use USPS for shipping. Shipment tracking will be provided with every purchase, tracking will be sent to the email address you provided in your purchase information. Some USPS First Class International packages may have very limited or incomplete tracking.

​​​Updated 5/20/19

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